Church Life

The family of worshippers at St Mark’s Church, Biggin Hill are a dynamic and committed group of men, women and children who meet to worship Jesus as Lord and try to live by His teachings – to spread His good news and to love each other as He loved us. We’re not perfect, of course, but we do try, and, as a result, we are a close community who support each other wherever and whenever possible.

That doesn’t mean that we are a closed shop! We welcome visitors and new comers to join us in our worship, and all are invited to share Communion with us – denominations are not important to us! For those who are searching for answers, or who just want to know more about Jesus, we occasionally run the Christianity Explored course which offers a basic introduction to Jesus, His teachings, His Ministry and what it all means for us.

Worship at St Marks Church follows the canon of the Church of England, part of the Anglican Communion.