Toilet Twinning

St Mark's Church is seeking to make Biggin Hill a Toilet Twinned Town.  This requires 20+ toilets in public places, e.g, cafes, schools, churches to have a twinned toilet.  We are working with Toilet Twinning, which is a charity enabling communities in 12 developing countries to build and maintain their toilets.  It also teaches them about hygiene.

You can apply to Toilet Twinning to twin a toilet in your home or workplace.  It costs £60. You will receive a framed certificate containing a photo of the twinned latrine, its location and GPS coordinates.

At the 2018 Biggin Hill Festival, Toilet Twinning was the theme for the display provided by St Mark’s Church.  Children and their parents were able to learn about Toilet Twinning, where you can "twin" your own toilet with latrines in poor communities.  At the Festival, Councillors Julian Bennington and Melanie Stevens promised to support the Toilet Twinned Town project. They later twinned a toilet at Biggin Hill Library.  In October Jo Johnson  MP twinnned a toilet and offered to publicise the project.

Earlier in 2018 the members of St Mark’s Church made collections for Toilet Twinning, raising nearly £500 which not only twins all the toilets at St Mark’s with 4 individual toilets in developing countries, but also covers a block of toilets in a school.

As of 6 December 2018 we are well over halfway to achieving the target of 20 twinned toilets.

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