About Us

The Moving Church refers to our physical fabric as well as our spiritual mission. You can see from our history, through the initiative, vision, faith and dedication of the then vicar, Rev Vivian Symons, the church was constructed from the remains of the demolished church of All Saints, North Peckham.

.St Mark's is a pilgrim church. We do not simply accept the status quo. We are on a spiritual journey as pilgrims of old, actively seeking to draw closer to God and discover His will not just in our own lives but in the life of our local church and the community of Biggin Hill which we love and serve. We are anxious; not to store up treasures here on earth; but to use all our church resources given by God in His service and for His glory.

We want to share the good news of God's love in Jesus Christ with all those in our parish and neighbourhood. Hopefully this is portrayed by the way we live our lives and speak to others.

We respect that we are all children of God and we want to discover Christ in each other, encouraging personal growth in our individual relationship with each other and with Jesus.

Worship is an integral part of our love for God, and we want our services to reflect dignity and sensitivity as well as joy and thanksgiving.